Our Story

It all started in a brightly lit NYC room filled with scattered photographs and cherished memories. We were brainstorming ideas to figure out a way to display these special moments in a modern and unique way in our homes. Then, it struck us: these precious moments deserved more than just a traditional frame. They needed a display that was as dynamic and unique as the memories themselves, and showcased photographs in a modern and artsy way.

We arrived at the idea of using thick acrylic, as it's aesthetics is impactful, however one of the challenges we faced was the high cost and sourcing difficulty of thick, high-quality acrylic. Additionally, traditional methods made photographs permanently affixed to the acrylic, which quickly made photos become out dated as our kids grew.

As a photographer with over twenty-five years of experience and a decade spent in the visual merchandising world of New York City, Giselle had always been surrounded by images and displays. Working hand in hand with top creatives of Fortune 500 companies, she learned the art of captivating visual storytelling. Leonor's love for art, photography, and beautiful aesthetics has made her develop a keen eye for detail and design. Our mission became clear: to revolutionize photo displays and help people keep their most special moments close in impactful, unique frames.

Together we brought our vision to life, coming up with the idea of a one of a kind interchangeable and dynamic photo frame that would visually enhance any space. We started with our handcrafted 1.5" frames, and 1" thick curved photo frames which already offered a distinctive and elegant touch. In the first three years, we sold over 1,000 pieces solely through word of mouth, proving that our concept resonated deeply with the market and met a genuine need.

After living through this success, we then envisioned taking it further with photo frame made from 2" thick acrylic, a thickness that no other frame on the market offers. Our goal was to design a frame that not only held a precious moment in time, but also allowed for easy customization using a home printer, avoiding the permanent, time-consuming, and expensive customization options typically offered by third parties.

Countless late nights and endless prototypes later, we developed a unique patent pending photo frame design that brought our vision to life. The result was a multi-faced 2" thick acrylic frame that has a customization slot the user can easily personalize with words, designs, names, or places. This innovative design incorporates an inner mechanism that allows the image to reflect within the clear acrylic in a way that viewers could see the image from different angles, creating a magical, ever-changing display.

We're thrilled to share our journey and vision with the world, ensuring that cherished memories are celebrated in an extraordinary way.