About us

Glaci Photo Frames is dedicated to transforming traditional portrait frames into unique decorative pieces that are both artistic and functional. The mission is to create exceptional, larger-than-life portrait frames that not only enhance the aesthetics of any space but also evoke emotions and preserve cherished memories. Glaci frames stand out due to their superior quality and distinctive design, making them more than just frames but pieces of art that tell a story. 


To revolutionize the conventional approach to photo display with high quality, easy-to-customize thick acrylic picture frames that tell personal stories in a modern way.


To transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary personalized experiences by cherishing and displaying memories in one of a kind picture frames that merge art and functionality.

Why Glaci ?

Our novel photo frames solve the problem of thousands of digital photos staying hidden in phone storage, and the issue of forgettable generic home décor by beautifully showcasing your most special moments in a modern way, turning them into timeless, unique art pieces that customize and enhance your spaces with a personal touch of You.